Tracking parental attitudes on vaccination across European countries: The Vaccine Safety, Attitudes, Training and Communication Project (VACSATC)

Pawel Stefanoff*, Svenn Erik Mamelund, Mary Robinson, Eva Netterlid, Jose Tuells, Marianne A. Riise Bergsaker, Harald Heijbel, Joanne Yarwood, Robert Muchl, Pierre Van Damme, Greet Hendrickx, Heidi Theeten, Sue Tack, Nadezhda Vladimirova, Joanne Yarwood, Mary Robinson, Philippa Kemsley, Natalia Kerbo, Kalman Bartha, Ida CzumbelPaolo Bonanni, Sara Boccalini, Marianne A. Riise Bergsaker, Jeanette Stalcrantz, Harald Pors Muniz, Pawel Stefanoff*, Justyna Rogalska, Adriana Pistol, Aurora Stanescu, Alenka Kraigher, Tanja Metlicar, Javier Aristegui, Pablo Caballero, Harald Heijbel, Eva Netterlid, Peter Bergwall, Nur Aksakal

*Corresponding author for this work

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The paper presents the first results from the European project VACSATC which aimed to track parental attitudes on vaccinations across several European countries. We compared five cross-sectional surveys of parents with children less than 3 years of age in England, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden carried out during 2008-2009. Data were collected from 6611 respondents. Two countries used face-to face interviews, one used telephone interviews, and two other countries used mail-in questionnaires. In all countries health professionals were indicated as the most important and trusted source of information on vaccination. The study results also show that parental attitudes on vaccinations in the childhood vaccination programs are generally positive. However, there were differences in attitudes on vaccination between the five countries, possibly reflecting different methods of sampling the respondents, context-specific differences (e.g. level of activity of governmental agencies), but also individual-level parental variation in demographic and socioeconomic status variables.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5731-5737
Number of pages7
Issue number35
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2010

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Funding Information:
Within the framework of the project Vaccine Safety – Attitudes, Training, Communication (VACSATC) funded by a grant from the Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affairs (DG SANCO) [10] , a group of vaccination experts representing mostly public health institutions in 14 countries, has agreed on a common thematic approach to monitor attitudes on vaccinations. In each country a survey was performed during the years 2007–2009, using a list of at least 10 questions based on the core themes agreed between the partners. The list was adapted from the Department of Health attitudinal surveys that have been performed annually in England since 1991 [3,11] . In 5 countries the surveys were performed during 2008–2009 in large samples of parents with children aged 0–3 years. Results from the Polish survey have been published in Polish [4] . Detailed results from the other VACSATC surveys are expected to be published in their local language as well as in English.


  • Parental attitudes
  • Survey
  • Tracking
  • Vaccinations


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