The ICRP recommended methods of red bone marrow dosimetry

Maria Zankl*, Jonathan Eakins, José María Gómez Ros, Christelle Huet

*Corresponding author for this work

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To account for an enhancement of the absorbed dose to both active marrow and endosteum due to secondary electrons generated in bone trabeculae and depositing energy in adjacent marrow tissues, a specific method for bone dosimetry has been developed and introduced in ICRP Publication 116 for photons and neutrons. In a recent intercomparison exercise on the usage of the ICRP/ICRU adult reference computational phantoms carried out by EURADOS WG6, it turned out that many participants found it difficult to correctly apply the bone dosimetry method as recommended by the ICRP. The purpose of this article is, therefore, to provide practical guidance and technical hints for incorporating the ICRP bone dosimetry method into various types of radiation transport codes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number106611
JournalRadiation Measurements
Early online date5 Jun 2021
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2021

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Funding Information: The authors express their gratitude towards EURADOS for bearing the costs for publishing this article in open access.

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Citation: Maria Zankl, Jonathan Eakins, José-María Gómez Ros, Christelle Huet,
The ICRP recommended methods of red bone marrow dosimetry, Radiation Measurements, Volume 146, 2021, 106611, ISSN 1350-4487.



  • Active marrow
  • Bone dosimetry
  • Dose enhancement factors
  • Dose response functions
  • EURADOS intercomparison Exercise
  • Endosteum
  • Red bone marrow
  • Reference computational phantoms


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