Seasonal influenza immunisation in Europe. Overview of recommendations and vaccination coverage for three seasons: Pre-pandemic (2008/09), pandemic (2009/10) and post-pandemic (2010/11)

J. Mereckiene, S. Cotter, A. Nicoll, P. Lopalco, T. Noori, J. T. Weber, F. D'Ancona, Daniel Levy-Bruhl, L. Dematte, C. Giambi, P. Valentiner-Branth, I. Stankiewicz, E. Appelgren, D. O'Flanagan, Christina Kral, Jean Paul Klein, Pierre Van Damme, Martine Sabbe, Francoise Wuillaume, Mira KojouharovaBohumir Kriz, Jan Kyncl, Chrystalla Hadjianastassiou, Soteroulla Soteriou, Palle Valentiner-Branth, Tyra Grove Krause, Hanne Dorte Emborg, Richard Pebody, Natalia Kerbo, Irina Filippova, Tuija Leino, Isabelle Bonmarin, Sabine Reiter, Ole Wichmann, Theodora Stavrou, Zsuzsanna Molnar, Thorolfur Gudnason, Suzanne Cotter, Caterina Rizzo, Jurijs Perevoscikovs, Egle Savickiene, Berthet Francoise, Tanya Melillo, Bianca Snijders, Hester de Melker, Brian Smyth, Berit Feiring, Iwona Stankiewicz, Paula Valente, Teresa Fernandes, Rodica Popescu, Jim McMenamin, Helena Hudecova, Alenka Kraigher, Veronika Ucakar, Aurora Limia, Isabel Pachon del Amo, Annika Linde, Simon Cottrell

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Since 2008, annual surveys of influenza vaccination policies, practices and coverage have been undertaken in 29 European Union (EU)/ European Economic Area (EEA) countries. After 2009, this monitored the impact of European Council recommendation to increase vaccination coverage to 75% among risk groups. This paper summarises the results of three seasonal influenza seasons: 2008/09, 2009/10 and 2010/11. In 2008/09, 27/29 countries completed the survey; in 2009/10 and 2010/11, 28/29 completed it. All or almost all countries recommended vaccination of older people (defined as those aged ≥50, ≥55, ≥59, ≥60 or ≥65 years), and people aged ≥6 months with clinical risk and healthcare workers. A total of 23 countries provided vaccination coverage data for older people, but only 7 and 10 had data for the clinical risk groups and healthcare workers, respectively. The number of countries recommending vaccination for some or all pregnant women increased from 10 in 2008/09 to 22 in 2010/11. Only three countries could report coverage among pregnant women. Seasonal influenza vaccination coverage during and after the pandemic season in older people and clinical groups remained unchanged in countries with higher coverage. However, small decreases were seen in most countries during this period. The results of the surveys indicate that most EU/EEA countries recommend influenza vaccination for the main target groups; however, only a few countries have achieved the target of 75% coverage among risk groups. Coverage among healthcare workers remained low.

Original languageEnglish
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2014


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