International spread of MDR TB from Tugela Ferry, South Africa

Graham S. Cooke, R. Kate Beaton, Richard J. Lessells, Laurence John, Simon Ashworth, Onn Min Kon, O. Martin Williams, P. Supply, P. Moodley, Alexander S. Pym

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We describe a death associated with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV infection outside Africa that can be linked to Tugela Ferry (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), the town most closely associated with the regional epidemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis. This case underscores the international relevance of this regional epidemic, particularly among health care workers.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2035-2037
Number of pages3
JournalEmerging Infectious Diseases
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2011


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