EURADOS Working Group 12 studies in interventional radiology for medical staff dosimetry

P. Ferrari*, E. Bakhanova, F. Becker, L. Campani, V. Chumak, J. Jansen, Z. Jovanovic, S. Khan, D. Krstic, F. Mariotti, U. O’connor, L. Pierotti, S. Principi, I. Clairand, Z. Knezevic

*Corresponding author for this work

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Summary. — EURADOS (European Radiation Dosimetry Group) Working Group 12 (dosimetry in medical imaging) established a subtask devoted to the dosimetry of the medical staff employed in interventional radiology practices. As it is widely known, such practices are characterized by high doses, with respect the other medical procedures, both for the patient and the radiologist. For interventional cardiology there are several publications concerning medical staff dosimetry, on the contrary, for interventional radiology, data are more limited. For that reason WG-12 decided to study the irradiation scenario, employing simplified anthropomorphic models (MIRD type) with Monte Carlo simulations, reconstructing some specific interventional radiology practices (PTC and TIPS).

liver region. The usage of the ceiling shielding is not very frequent, due to the difficulties in positioning it between the radiation source (the X-ray and the patient as the scattering source) and the operator. The aim of the simulations program is: to evaluate the dose received by the radiologist, in a region simulating the presence of the dosemeter fixed on the lead apron at the breast level; to estimate the corresponding effective dose; to make a sensitivity analysis on different parameters affecting the calculated results (as the reciprocal position between the two operators, the beam quality and the X-ray field dimension). Indeed a particular attention is devoted to the eye lens dosimetry, that has become a “critical issue” for personnel dosimetry, after ICRP has reconsidered the radiation sensitivity of the lens of the eye. In the present work the general scheme, the assumptions and the followed methodology are presented with some very preliminary results of the simulations and the measurements.

Original languageEnglish
Article number217
JournalNuovo Cimento della Societa Italiana di Fisica C
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2018

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