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  • Epidemiological cutoff values for a 96-well broth microdilution plate for high-throughput research antibiotic susceptibility testing of M. tuberculosis

    Fowler, P. W., Barilar, I., Battaglia, S., Borroni, E., Brandao, A. P., Brankin, A., Cabibbe, A. M., Carter, J., Cirillo, D. M., Claxton, P., Clifton, D. A., Cohen, T., Coronel, J., Crook, D. W., Dreyer, V., Earle, S. G., Escuyer, V., Ferrazoli, L., Gao, G. F., Gardy, J., & 95 othersGharbia, S., Ghisi, K. T., Ghodousi, A., Cruz, A. L. G., Grandjean, L., Grazian, C., Groenheit, R., Guthrie, J. L., He, W., Hoffmann, H., Hoosdally, S. J., Hunt, M., Iqbal, Z., Ismail, N. A., Jarrett, L., Joseph, L., Jou, R., Kambli, P., Khot, R., Knaggs, J., Koch, A., Kohlerschmidt, D., Kouchaki, S., Lachapelle, A. S., Lalvani, A., Lapierre, S. G., Laurenson, I. F., Letcher, B., Lin, W. H., Liu, C., Liu, D., Malone, K. M., Mandal, A., Mansjö, M., Matias, D., Meintjes, G., de Freitas Mendes, F., Merker, M., Mihalic, M., Millard, J., Miotto, P., Mistry, N., Moore, D., Musser, K. A., Ngcamu, D., Nhung, H. N., Niemann, S., Nilgiriwala, K. S., Nimmo, C., Okozi, N., Oliveira, R. S., Omar, S. V., Paton, N., Peto, T. E. A., Pinhata, J. M. W., Plesnik, S., Puyen, Z. M., Rabodoarivelo, M. S., Rakotosamimanana, N., Rancoita, P. M. V., Rathod, P., Robinson, E., Rodger, G., Rodrigues, C., Rodwell, T. C., Roohi, A., Santos-Lazaro, D., Shah, S., Kohl, T. A., Smith, G., Solano, W., Spitaleri, A., Supply, P., Surve, U., Tahseen, S., Thuong, N. T. T., Thwaites, G., Todt, K., Trovato, A., Utpatel, C., Van Rie, A., Vijay, S., Walker, T. M., Walker, A. S., Warren, R., Werngren, J., Wijkander, M., Wilkinson, R. J., Wilson, D. J., Wintringer, P., Xiao, Y. X., Yang, Y., Yanlin, Z., Yao, S. Y. & Zhu, B., 1 Oct 2022, In: European Respiratory Journal. 60, 4

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  • The 2021 WHO catalogue of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex mutations associated with drug resistance: a genotypic analysis

    CRyPTIC Consortium, the Seq&Treat Consortium, Walker, T. M., Fowler, P. W., Knaggs, J., Hunt, M., Peto, T. EA., Walker, A. S., Crook, D. W., Miotto, P., Cirillo, D. M., Köser, C. U., Iqbal, Z., Chindelevitch, L., Farhat, M. R., Comas, I., Posey, J., Omar, S. V., Suresh, A., Uplekar, S., Laurent, S., & 11 othersColman, R. E., Rodwell, T. C., Nathanson, C. M., Zignol, M., Ismail, N., Robinson, E., Jarrett, L., Rathod, P., Gharbia, S., Smith, E. G. & Matias, D., Apr 2022, In: The Lancet Microbe. 3, 4, p. e265-e273

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  • Epidemiology of Mycobacterium abscessus in England: an observational study

    Lipworth, S., Hough, N., Weston, N., Muller-Pebody, B., Phin, N., Myers, R., Chapman, S., Flight, W., Alexander, E., Smith, E. G., Robinson, E., Peto, T. E. A., Crook, D. W., Walker, A. S., Hopkins, S., Eyre, D. W. & Walker, T. M., Oct 2021, In: The Lancet Microbe. 2, 10, p. e498-e507

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