Towards global elimination of Hepatitis C: Bristol research informs prevention and treatment strategies

Impact: Public policy impacts, Quality of life impacts

Description of impact

Research on the impact and cost-effectiveness of HCV prevention and treatment has;

• underpinned the WHO’s Global Health Strategy (2016) to eliminate HCV by 2030, initiating a global expansion in HCV treatment;

• guided the WHO’s treatment guidelines (2018) that expanded HCV treatment to all patient groups

• underpinned the WHO’s framework (2021) for validating whether a country has achieved HCV elimination;

• informed HCV elimination initiatives in more than 12 countries including the UK,

Evidence is now beginning to emerge that implementation of HCV elimination initiatives are bringing positive change, for example in Scotland treatment scale up has resulted in a 71% reduction in HCV infection amongst PWID and in Australia
Category of impactPublic policy impacts, Quality of life impacts